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FAQ & Step By Step Instructions

System Defaults

Numbering Plan:

  • Extensions: 101 through 116
  • Operator: Dial 0 = Extension 101
  • Incoming Calls: Go to UCD group 430 (with all extensions as members)
  • Night Ringing: to AA0 (Auto Attendant 450)
  • Trunk Access Codes:
  1. PSTN Access: 701 to 704
  2. SIP Trunk Access: 711 to 714

User Names / Default Passwords: System Configuration:

  • admin2583 / admin + last 6 alphanumeric characters of the WAN MAC Address
  • support / admin + last 6 alphanumeric characters of the WAN MAC Address
  • user / user

Security Note: As with all Internet-connected systems, the default passwords must be changed to discourage unauthorized access. See Additional Security for the X25/50 Extension Level Passwords (dialed at the phone):

  • User Voice Mail: 0000
  • Automated Attendant Admin: 000000

Extension Level Online Programming Access:

  • X2020 Configuration: admin / 1234
  • Access requires an Internet browser and the phone’s IP address

Follow these steps to obtain the IP address:

  1. At an X2020 phone, press the Menu Button
  2. Scroll down to Info and press Enter (the check mark button)
  3. Scroll down to IP Address

Day / Night Service Mode: Set for DAY by default

  • Manual Day / Night Operation: Dial *790 + Enter (Check Mark Key)
  • This code must be dialed at the Operator Extension
  • A half moon icon in the upper left corner of the display indicates Night

Network WAN Port, LAN Port & WiFi Defaults: LAN Port Settings: DHCP is set for output of IP addresses.

  • This means the LAN port will automatically provide IP addresses to phones and computers connected to the LAN port or a switch connected to the LAN port.
  • is the default IP address of the LAN port.
  • This means a computer plugged into this port can access the X25 configuration programming utility by using an Internet browser. Enter this IP address into the browser where you would normally enter a website address.
  • WAN Port Settings: DHCP is enabled to receive an IP address from another network.

    • This means the X25 WAN port will automatically receive an IP address from your network router or ISP (Internet Service Provider) equipment you plug it into.
    • The WAN port does not output IP addresses.
    • The IP address assigned to the WAN port by your network router can be used to access the X25 configuration programming utility by using an Internet browser running on a computer connected to the same network as the X25 WAN port. Enter this IP address into the browser where you would normally enter a website address.
    • This IP address may change if your network is reset. A static IP address may be set for the WAN port by going into the X25 Configuration > Advanced Setup > WAN.

    WiFi Default Settings:

    • The SSID begins with XBN-GW followed by the last 6 MAC address characters
    • The wireless indicator on the the X25 unit will be lit solid blue when WiFi is enabled
    • WiFi is open by default and security must be enabled to prevent unauthorized access

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