Customer Reviews

“When the previous system was replaced by the XBLUE X50 phone system the entire business was changed. Overall productivity increased and communication improved within the office.” “The XBLUE phones are easy to use and we have had no issues with them since the installation.  We also… Read More

CVP Productions Inc

“XBLUE service was excellent, technicians were excellent, very helpful and professional. We were won over by the setup of the install. I would tag this “ WON OVER “ with XBLUE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.”   – Home & business automation & integration systems. Houston,TX   System Details: XBLUE X16 Systems… Read More

Digital Delight

“This system is incredible. We are an ambulance service and needed a system that would allow us to stay on conventional phone lines while having the VoIP capability… Read More

Douglas Okanogan County Fire District

"The XBLUE phone system has fit all of our needs since 2006. This includes exceptional quality of product, great service and a wonderful relationship with the XBLUE staff. We purchased several colors of the XBLUE telephones. The pink phones for cancer awareness, Vivid blue for the University of Florida and Titanium. The decision to purchase the XBLUE system has been a wonderful choice." - Joe Seminara, Winter Springs, Florida System Details: X16 Digital System, Number of Extensions: 11 Digital Phones, Number of Lines: 4 (Standard / Analog) Read More

Freedom Coin

“XBLUE is fantastic and I rate the technical staff as a 10+.  They are easy to work with, knowledgeable, and they are committed to superior technical support.  The XBLUE staff is great.  XBLUE is budget friendly, feature rich but more important simple and effective.  I would recommend XBLUE to any business owner." – Jen Burlington, San Antonio, TX XBLUE System:  X50 VoIP System, Number of Extensions: 8 IP Phones, Number of Lines: 6 (Standard / Analog) Most Important Features: Wanted good quality calls, able to see who is on the phone and to be able to transfers. Networking of systems between  3 X50 locations and voicemail. Read More

Massage Heights – San Antonio Texas

“I love my new system! We purchased through Telco Depot who actually answers calls and are helpful.  They referred me to XBLUE to make sure I got what I need.  So I called XBLUE, and guess what?  They answer in person – no… Read More

Paul’s Motor Car Service

“It was so easy. Just plug and play. Took less than 2 hours to install and the XBLUE technician was great. I called and he answered my questions and he was great.” – Kylene, Marthasville, MS System Details: X16 Digital System, Number of Extensions: 8 Digital Phones, Number of… Read More

Temco Inc

"I am so glad we went with the Xblue phone system!  It is a great value, and it provides everything we were looking for in a phone system.  The customer service is SECOND TO NONE!  I am especially grateful for the team at Xblue, namely Lisa!  What a breath of fresh air to have a technical support team based in the United States available to help you with anything at all."  - Paige Burrows, Office Manager XBLUE System: X16 with 4 Extension and 2 Lines (analog) Most Important Features:  Multi-line, Caller ID, Ease of Installation, and Technical Support. Read More

Unlimited Landscapes, Stone & Granite

“I needed an affordable phone system that has the capacity to grow and support multiple locations. The X25 fit the bill!”. I installed it myself, and tweaked the system with the help of the XBlue support team!”  – Bryan Sart, President System Details:  X25 VoIP System, Number of Extensions: 4 IP… Read More

Xavier Optical