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XBLUE Business Phone Systems


On-Site System for up to 16 Phones – Uses Phone Company Lines and Wiring found in Most Offices.

X16 Plus

On-Site System for up to 32 Phones – Uses Phone Company Lines and Wiring found in Most Offices.


On-Site VoIP System for to 4 to 100+ Phones – Uses Phone Company Lines or XBLUE VoIP Telephones Lines.


Cloud System For 3 to 40+ Phones – Every System User has a Dedicated XBLUE VoIP Telephone Line.

Cloud Burst

Cloud System For 10 to 40+ Phones – Users can have Dedicated or Shared XBLUE VoIP Telephone Lines.

Compare On-Site vs. Cloud Phone Systems

On-Site Phone Systems

Own Your Phone System

No Per-User Fees

Connect Landline Telephone Service

And/Or Use VoIP Line Service

Analog, Digital & VoIP System Options

On-Site Phone Systems connect to telephone or data network wiring found in most offices and are compatible with standard, analog telephone company lines or VoIP phone lines. Plus, you get Great XBLUE Support.  Our expert technicians help you setup, program and maintain your XBLUE system.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

No On-Site Phone System Server

We Do All Programming & Maintenance

Eliminates Telephone Line Service

All Features Included – No Add On Fees

All Inclusive Price – No Hidden Fees

Cloud Phone Systems use standardized VoIP (Voice over IP) technology.  With XBLUE Cloud you eliminate paying for on-site PBX phone system equipment and telephone company lines.  Your XBLUE Cloud phone system is a professionally managed, dedicated IP PBX. XBLUE sets up, customizes and maintains the system per your specific needs.

Save Money with XBLUE Telephone Line Service for XBLUE Phone Systems

Eliminates Phone Company Lines -  Keep Your Phone Number - No Contract Required -  Get Free Lifetime Support for Your XBLUE Systems
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