X16 Digital Office Phone System

Big on Value - Small on Price

• Uses Standard, Analog Phone Company Lines & Wiring Found in Most Offices

• Easy Operation with One-Touch Access to Lines, Other System Phones & Features

• Hosts a Full Employee Directory for Easy Look-Up & Call Forwarding 

• Includes Auto Attendant & Voicemail Boxes for Every User

The X16 is the most economical office phone system choice that’s big on quality, reliability and value.  The X16 is our best-selling system… and for good reason!  Our customers love the ease of installation, the features and functionality of a big-company PBX phone system in a nice simple package — that is affordable for any size company!

X16 Digital System Phone

• 6 Direct Access Telephone Line Buttons

• 12 Buttons for Other Users, Features or Speed Dial

• Intercom with Call Announce Paging & Hands Free Replay

• High Visibility, Back Lit LCD Display

X16 Systems Support Up To (16) X16 Digital Phones & (6) Phone Company Landline

X16 Systems Feature List

Connect up to 6 Phone Lines
Expand up to 16 Phones
Automated Receptionist is Standard
Voice Mail for Every Phone
Caller ID Display
Full One Year Warranty
Last Number Redial
Call / Memo Record
Message Waiting Indication
Mute Button with LED
Multilingual Display
Name, Time and Date in Display
New Voice Mail Message Count in Display
One Touch – Intercom Calling
One Touch – Live Conversation Record
Outgoing Call Log–Last 6 Numbers Dialed
Personal Phone Book (50 entries)
Personalized Feature Buttons (12)
Ringer Volume Control
Voice Mail Access Button
Call Forward to Cell phone
Blue Backlit LCD with Sleep Mode
Blue and Green Vivid Light LED’s
Busy Telephone Indication
Caller ID with Call Waiting Caller ID*
Conference (3 Way)
Distinctive Ring Tone (Programmable)
Display Number Dialed
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Hands Free Answer on Intercom Calls
Headset (Built in Jack)
Handset/Headset Volume Control
Intercom Paging – Call Announce

Full Specifications and Feature details are found on the System Comparison Page

X16 System Components

Easy to Setup and Operate – Our Technical Support Team is Always Ready to Assist

X16 Communications Server

Unique Easy to Install Hardware Design for Simplified Set Up

Uses the Standard Telephone Wiring & RJ11 Modular Phone Jacks found in most offices

Adds (2) Telephone Line Ports to the X16 System Server which increases the system line port capacity from 4 lines to 6 lines. One X16 expansion module may be added to each X16 system.

This 4-Phone Connector module is used to expand a single Digital Extension Port into 4 Ports.  Up to 4 X16 phones can be connected to each module.  Up to 4 modules may be used with the X16 system.

X16 System Bundles Include All The System Components You Need for a Complete Business Phone System

Contact Us if you have questions –  For more technical details see the X16 Support Pages