Social Promotion – No Per User Fee Movement

Friends Don’t Let Friends

Pay Costly Per User Fees

One Month Free Tech Support When You Share The No Per User Fee Movement With Your Friends!

Posting Requirements
This incentive will only be honored if you share the exact post mentioned below.

1… Decide which of your social pages you’d like to spread the word about XBLUE’s No Per User Fee Movement.

2… Share the post to ONE of your social channels and as long as you leave the post visible & public on your page during the month of the free service, you will not be charged.

3… If you decide to cancel your service after the one month trial, please send us an email and we will terminate the agreement and you will not be billed. 

4… That’s it! Once you’ve shared the post, XBLUE will receive a notification and you will receive an email confirmation that your month of free service has been activated.

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