XBLUE X4040 VoIP Telephone

The X4040 VoIP Telephone operates as a fully featured extension when connected to either the XBLUE X25 or X50 systems. The X4040 features a large color display and has all of the most commonly used features pre-programmed on the phone. The colorful X4040 display enables you to quickly see Caller ID, Call Logs and the Phone Book. And, for quick feature operation, use the interactive LCD Navigation Keys. This makes features immediately accessible without the need for dedicated feature buttons.

The X4040 phone has (16) programmable buttons which means every user can have a dedicated telephone line button for each outside phone line. This makes placing and retrieving calls from “Hold” as simple as just pushing a button. This eliminates the often complicated process of transferring phone calls. These buttons can also be used for one-touch calling to other phones, access to system features or Speed Dial. The Multi-Color LEDs of each programmable button light up when other phones or lines are busy, which means you can quickly see at a glance who is on the phone or which line is in use.

The X4040 is a HD capable VoIP phone with a full duplex speakerphone for hands-free conversation. One of the most popular features of the X4040 phone is Call Announce Intercom with Hands-free Reply. This feature enables another system user to call you on intercom and speak to you through your X4040 speakerphone automatically. You can even reply from across the room without touching your phone!

For additional hands-free operation an industry standard headset can also be connected to the X4040. A convenient Headset button turns the headset on and off. Just lifting the handset or activating the speakerphone also turns the headset off. Standard third party wired or wireless headsets can be connected.

TieLineWarningSignNote: The XBLUE X4040 IP telephone requires XBLUE Hybrid-IP Server software as follows:

X25 Software Version 3.10 or greater, and
X50 Software Version 11.4 or greater.


X2020, X3030, X4040, EDM Programmable Buttons Template

Software Downloads:



  • Changed Caller ID to display both Name and Number in the display
  • Changed the Phone Book search to allow searching one contact with multiple numbers
  • Improved Boot Up process to avoid loop behavior
  • Fixed issue where dial tone continues after Redial is used when pre-selecting a Line (no audio connection to the line)
  • Added Dial operation to Contact Search function
  • Fixed potential crash when completing conference and a new call rings
  • Fixed SIP Resource issue when NOTIFY is not received during trunk transfer
  • Missed Call Log modified to:
    • Direct to Ext calls that are Rejected go into the Missed Call Log
    • UCD Group  Missed Call Log at the are placed in a new Call Log in the phone a “Group Call Missed Log”
  • HD Audio icon implemented to alert the user that the connection is HD
  • Added ability to display custom information in display using Screen Saver, load only Screen Saver Pic 1 with info to display and set Slide Advance Timer to 0. At idle condition the Pic 1 only will display


Must be unzipped before loading on the phone

  •  Changed pop-up message rules when using various features like Call Log
  • Fixed Invite Header when 302 is received
  • Changed the font size in the title of GUI pages
  • Implemented scrolling of Name and Extension number when both are programmed
  • Added info function for display of hosting server data
  • Fixed issue that Mute was removed during conference when someone drops out of conference
  • Fixed Busy Call Back issue where the feature didn’t work when one phone had activated the feature
  • Changed Ring Type to follow trunk setting when selected to “0”
  • Fixed CID Name when answering ringing call
  • Fixed Call Waiting issue for use with UCD Groups
  • Fixed display of UCD Group Name
  • Fixed issue where name is not displayed after answering a UCD Group call
  • Added feature to display both the extension number and name in the display
  • Changed Missed Call Log alert to be removed once the feature has been reviewed
  • Fixed issue where Call Pickup did not work if the phone is in DND or Call Forward
  • Fixed issue that causes erroneous LED behavior when the EDM is unplugged and reconnected
  • Fixed tone heard when NewCall is pressed
  • Fixed hot dialing when phone is idle – to accept first digit pressed


Must be unzipped before loading on the phone

  •  Initial Release



  1. See the X25 and X50 Download pages more compatibility information if needed.
  2. The files above must be un-archived to …gz files before they can be loaded onto the phone.