X16 Caller ID Troubleshooting

By default, the X16 system processes incoming caller ID data and presents it to the display of extensions (digital telephones). There is only one setting that affects the process. This is set per extension in Phone Setup > Caller ID where the function can be turned off. If the setting indicates that that caller ID is turned on, other aspects of the installation need to be checked.

Here are the steps to follow to troubleshooting caller ID functionality:

  1. Verify that the telephone company is sending both name and number caller ID data. The best way to do this is by using a stand-alone caller ID device, such as a single-line phone connected directly to the CO line and placing several test calls to the CO line.
  2. If caller ID data is present, verify all wiring between the telephone service provider’s equipment and the X-16 communications server. Look for half taps, splitters and other devices connected to the line. Remove all other devices and re-test for caller ID.
  3. If you are using DSL service, verify that the appropriate DSL filter is installed and functional. Your telephone service provider is the best starting point regarding use of DSL filters.

If you do not locate the fault, call XBLUE Networks Product Support Group at 866-925-8312 for additional assistance.