X16 System – How To Add Phones & Lines

Adding Phones: Up to 16 digital telephones can be connected to the system via the Digital Extension ports located on the left side of the communications server. Since there are only four digital ports on the unit, the 4-phone connector can be used to accommodate all 16 connections.

Go to Telephone Connections Digital Extensions for more detail.

Alternately, a data or telephone wiring technician can use a telephone connector block known as a “66 Block” to cross-connect cables together to accomplish the same outcome. 

Adding Lines From The Telephone Company:  The X16 Communications Server supports up to four telephone company lines (also called “Central Office” or CO lines). The CO lines are connected to the ports on the communication server designated as central office ports.

Two additional CO lines are supported when the server is equipped with the 2-Line Expansion Module

Go to Telephone Line Connections for more detail.

Use this diagram to identify X16 server connections