X25 VoIP Phone System

Finally - VoIP Technology at Traditional Phone System Prices!

Perfect for offices with up to 25 employees, the X25 VoIP Phone System is quick and easy to self-install. Ideal for small businesses that want to take advantage of VoIP technology.  For larger businesses XBLUE offers the X50 VoIP System with 50 extension capacity.  

Both the X25 and X50 systems include VoIP capabilities like remote business phone extensions at home or remote offices and Voice Mail to Email capability.   In addition to saving a ton of money on installation, you can reduce your monthly phone line expenses by using VoIP Telephone Lines or feel free to continue to use standard telephone lines, or both!

X25 System Overview

Main Features:

  • Connect Up To (16) Telephone Lines
    • (8 Standard And 8 XBLUE Certified VoIP Lines)
  • Connect Up To 25 Phones:
    • (24) XBLUE X25 IP Phones (X3030 or X4040)
    • (1) Analog, Standard Cordless or Conference Room Phone
  • Built-In Multi-Layer Automated Attendant
  • Voice Mail for Every Phone / User
  • Email Delivery of Voicemail Messages
  • Full Function Remote X25 Telephone Extensions
  • Browser Based System Admin / Programming
  • Fax Integration - Routes Fax Calls to your Fax Machine
  • Full One Year Warranty & Tech Support

X4040 for X25 & X50

X3030 for X25 & X50



X25 Server 


Feature Highlights:


Router/Gateway Features:

  • Auto attendant and voice mail
  • Voice mail email notification
  • Multi-line appearance
  • Music on hold
  • Day/night switching
  • Call abandon
  • Call transfer/forward/conference
  • Call operator
  • Call routing table
  • Caller ID detection
  • Daylight Savings Time setting
  • Return to default setting
  • Direct inward dialing
  • Direct inward system access (DISA)
  • Feature code access
  • Flash – analog port (SLT)
  • Message waiting indication
  • Loop break/polarity reversal (PR)
  • PSTN backup
  • System date and time setting
  • Trunk group
  • Paging group
  • Class of service (COS)
  • Office to office connection
  • WiFi protected setup
  • Firewall security
  • WPS security
  • Integrated Gateway/Router
  • Wireless 802.11 a, b, g, and n Router
  • DHCP server
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Port triggering and forwarding
  • NTP synchronization
  • IP filtering rules
  • QOS
  • Port triggering
  • Port forwarding
  • DMZ Host
  • Printer server
  • Integrated VoIP proxy