Cloud Burst Server Pricing

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The price of a Cloud Burst system varies based on the system configuration.  This is because with Cloud Burst you select number of extensions you need rather than users, and you select the type of business phones you want to connect. You can even use cell phones or computers as phones.  And you can include just the right amount of external line connections for your organization’s traffic requirements. 

Contact XBLUE Sales for Assistance with System Configuration and Pricing

Call 866-923-8312 or Send Us a Message

If You Prefer You Can Configure Your Own System

Step 1

Start by Selecting Your
Cloud Burst Server

The Cloud Burst server size
determines the number of extensions / phones
the system can support.

Step 2

Select the Quantity
of Lines Needed

The number of lines determines how many incoming and outgoing calls your system can handle at one time.

Step 3

Then Select Phones
and Other Options

Add phones to your system.
Also add a fax extension
and an adapter to plug in
your fax machine. 

Select Your Service Plan