X25 & X50 Automated Attendant Programming

The automated attendant single digit table is where you set up single digit speed dial numbers that callers will dial to be transferred to their desired destinations. Example: “Thank you for calling. Dial one for sales, two for support, or three for accounting.”

Follow these steps to get into single digit programming:

  1. Log in to the X25 or X50 configuration
  2. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to go to Voice > Voicemail > General
  3. Under the auto attendant section, scroll down to Single Digit Table
  4. Press the configuration button

You are now in the actual single digit table programming screen. Notice that the AA menu selection is set to AA Menu 0. The AA Menu 0 is also referenced as auto attendant 450 (AA Menu 1 is 451, AA Menu 2 is 452, AA Menu 3 is 453 … etc.)

At this point, you can continue with AA Menu 0 single digits programming or select another AA menu. Keep in mind: the AA Menu 0 is already used in the default incoming call setup. In most cases, AA Menu 0 remains the primary automated attendant.

Next – Follow these steps to assign the speed dial numbers to the desired destinations:

For each single digit number in the table you can change “Null” to the appropriate destination type by clicking on the pull down menu.

  • Extension – Transfers caller to a group of extensions (by default, extensions are 101 through 124)
  • AA Menu – Transfers caller to another automated attendant (by default, AA Menu 0 is 450)
  • UCD Group – Transfers caller to a group of extensions (by default, all extensions are in UCD Group 430)

Select the appropriate destination type and then enter the extension, group or auto attendant number. The number values for all destinations in the system are located in Voice > System > Numbering Plan.

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