X3030 IP Phone for the XBLUE X25 System

This is a discontinued item – Contact XBLUE Sales

(11) Programmable Buttons for Lines, Features & Speed Dial
  • Every user can place & retrieve calls from hold
Programmable Buttons Include Multi-Color LEDs
  • See at a glance who is on the phone & which telephone lines are busy
Call Announce Intercom w/ Hands Free Reply
  • Call another system user and page through their speakerphone
3 Party Conference
  • Connect any combination of internal & external parties
Power Over Ethernet (POE) Compatible
  • Also comes with plug-in power supply for operation without POE

The X3030 IP Phone is specially designed to fully integrate and automatically connect to an XBLUE X25 system

The X3030 telephone has all of the most commonly used features pre-programmed on the phone.  The 6-Line backlit display enables you to quickly see Caller ID, Call Logs and the Phone Book. For quick feature operation interactive “Soft-Keys” around the display change their function based on the current operation of the phone.  This makes features immediately accessible without the need for dedicated feature buttons.

A Button for Each Outside Phone Line

The X3030 phone has (11) programmable buttons which means every user can have a dedicated telephone line button for each outside phone line.  This makes placing and retrieving calls from Hold as simple as just pushing a button.  This eliminates the often complicated process of transferring phone calls.  These buttons can also be used for one-touch calling to other phones, access to system features or Speed Dial.

The Multi-Color LEDs of each programmable button light up when other phones or lines are busy, which means you can quickly see at a glance who is on the phone or which line is in use.

Call Announce Intercom Paging with Handsfree Reply

This is one of the most popular features of the X3030 phone. This feature enables another system user to call you on intercom and speak to you through your X3030 speakerphone automatically.  In addition, All Call Paging enables one-way voice announcements through all or programmed groups of phones.

The X3030 phone is an HD capable VoIP phone with a full duplex speakerphone. Headsets are also easily connected using the built-in standard headset jack, while the one-touch headset button simplifies headset operation.