FAQ X25 and X50 Admin Login Information

How do I login to my X25 or X50 system?

Here is a link to the Quick Start Guide for the X25 and X50 systems: https://xblue.com/installation/x25-x50-x50xl-quick-installation-guide/

Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the LAN port on the X25 or X50 Server. On your computer, open a web browser. In the browser bar type:

Enter the following for username & password:

User: admin2583

Password: In the password field, you will need to erase existing password info that is in that field  and then type:  admin & the last 6 digits of the MAC address from the label on the bottom of the X25 or X50 server. Ex: admin123456. If there are letters in the MAC address, enter all in lowercase.

This should get you into the interface to make changes to your system. If the above password does not work, it was probably changed by a previous user.

Please contact Tech Support and our technicians will assist you in getting into the system.