X25 & X50 Config – Device Info – Summary

Web Configuration (Programming) on X25 X50 X50XL

Your XBLUE Hybrid-IP Server is administered using a web-browser. The Device Info/Summary page is an overview of the current status of your XBLUE Hybrid-IP Server

Device Info – Summary

Device Info

Software Version – current software in use on the server

Bootloader (CFE) Version – Common Firmware Environment (low-level language) in use

Wireless Driver Version – WIFI adapter version number

Serial Number – The serial number of this server software platform (this is required in “XL” upgrades)

MAC Address – Media Access Control number assignment of the device at time of manufacture

System Up Time – the length of time since last cold start

LAN Info

LAN IP Address – current assigned Local Area Network IP Address (regardless of DHCP or Static Assignment)

Subnet Mask – current mask for the subnet; a filter through which all traffic not isolated to this subnet is passed to the next hierarchical subnet

WLAN SSID (Primary) – there are four WIFI segments available the Primary segment is listed here

WAN Info

WAN IP Address – current assigned IP Address on the Wide Area Network port

Default Gateway – The gateway address through which connection to the next hierarchical subnet is routed (most often the Internet gateway)

Primary DNS – First referenced Domain Name Server

Secondary DNS – Second referenced Domain Name Server

IGMP – Internet Group Management Protocol status

Firewall – FW status

Connection Status – connected/disconnacted


Server current date and time displayed

Device Info-Summary


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