Dual Hybrid Business Phone System
Uses Analog Landlines, Digital Phones,

VoIP Lines & XBLUE IP Phones

X16 Plus as a Digital System

No Internet Connection Required
Connects to Standard Telephone Wiring
Uses Local Phone Company Landlines
Auto Attendant & Voicemail for Every Phone
Call Forward & Transfer to Cell Phones
Uses XBLUE XD10 Digital Phones

X16 Plus as a VoIP System

Connects to Standard Network Wiring
Off-Site Extensions for Remote Workers
Uses XBLUE VoIP Lines or Phone Company Landlines
Auto Attendant & Voicemail Box for Every Phone
Call Forward & Transfer to Cell Phones
Uses XBLUE IP8g, IP9g & IP Cordless Phones

X16 Plus System Description

The XBLUE X16 Plus Business Phone System Combines Flexibility & Performance with Easy System Setup &
Features Found on Large Corporate PBX Phone Systems

The X16 Plus includes a full suite of business phone system features that rivals that of large corporate PBX systems.  Every X16 Plus system includes popular business features like Automated Attendant, Voice Mail with individual boxes for every user, Call Announce Intercom / Paging and Conference Call Meeting Rooms. In addition, advanced features like Voicemail message delivery to Email, and fully functional remote office phones are among the advanced capabilities included with the X16 Plus system. 

X16 Plus systems support up to (16) XD10 Digital Phones & (6) Phone Company Analog Landlines.  The system can be further expanded by adding the optional VoIP Expansion card which enables connection of up to (16) IP phones and (8) VoIP phone lines.

System customization is simplified with the browser-based programming interface.  The X16 Plus also supports remote programming.  And if you need a hand setting up your system, you can always take advantage of XBLUE’s US-Based Technical Support.  

XD10 Digital Phone for X16 Plus Phone Systems

The XD10 Digital Phone includes 10 user programmable buttons for telephone line appearance, viewing the status of other system phones and speed dialing.  The high visibility, bright LCD display of the XD10 can easily be read at a glance, enabling the user to clearly view Caller ID, other call details and the phone’s built-in phone book.  The XD10 is wall mountable without an additional wall mount kit, and a standard RJ9 connector is included for off-the-shelf headsets. 

  • Uses Existing Phone System Wiring: The XD10 operates on the Cat 3 telephone system wiring found in most small to medium size business offices. 
  • No Internet Required: When equipped with local phone company telephone lines, the X16 Plus and XD10 digital phones operate without the need for connection to the internet.
X16 Plus Phone System Server

Easy Install – The server has Standard Phone Jacks for Analog Phone Company Lines & XD10 Digital Phones. Only pay for what you need – you can grow the X16 Plus by adding expansion cards for additional lines and phones.

VoIP when you want it – Just add the VoIP expansion card to your system to enable use of VoIP capabilities. 

X16 Plus VoIP Capabilities

The X16 Plus VoIP expansion card adds VoIP capability to the X16 Plus system enabling the use of XBLUE VoIP phone lines, and IP8g, IP9g IP phones and IP cordless phones. The VoIP card also enables IP phones for remote workers.

IP Based Cordless Phone

X16 Plus Features

Standard Analog Telephone Line Compatible
Support for Analog FAX Machines
Flexible Extension Numbers – 2, 3 or 4 Digits
Music On Hold – Built-In Default
Music / Announcements On Hold – Recorded on Server
Music / Announcements On Hold – Via Player Interface
External Paging System Support
Cordless Phones (Integrated VoIP/SIP) **
User Programmable Button on Integrated Phones
Back-lit Display / Bright Blue LCD
Built-In Headset Jack – Standard RJ9
Electronic Headset Control for XBLUE IP Phone**
Bluetooth Headsets / USB Dongle for XBLUE IP Phones**
Remote System Phones – Fully Functional **
Mobile / Remote Extension Integration **
Telephone Programming (Menu Driven)
Auto Attendant (IVR) Menu
Auto Attendant Greetings (4)
Auto Attendant Extension Dialing
Auto Attendant Single Digit Dialing – Digits 0 – 9
Auto Attendant Transfer to Groups & Queues
Voicemail Boxes (One per Installed Phone)
Direct Transfer to Voicemail Boxes
Voicemail to Email Delivery
Voicemail Storage – 99 messages per phone
Call Forward to Cell Phone, Home & Other Phone Numbers
Call Transfer to Cell Phone, Home & Other Phone Numbers
Paging – Internal Page Groups
Paging – Multi-Cast Multiple Groups Simultaneously
Interface for External Paging
Call Announce w/ Hands Free Reply
Conference Calling
Conference Rooms – Password Protected
Call Park Locations
Telephone Line Appearance
Call Logs
Caller ID
Caller ID Logs
System Call Logs (SMDR / CDR)
Speed Dial Capacity (up to 100 dial codes)
Browser-Based System Admin
Remote System Admin – Router Setting Change Required
Call Forward No Answer
Call Forward Busy
Call Forward All Calls
Call Forward (Follow Me / Cascading)
Call Transfer
Call Pickup
Call Record Per Call
Ring Groups (Extensions)

** Additional Hardware and/or Software may be required to use this feature