X16 Plus Quick Start

Steps To Make Your New System Setup Easy & Quick
Review the Documentation
Quick Reference Guide
A must see document when setting up a new X16 Plus system with XD10 Digital Phones.
Administrator Guide

This is a manual for system administrators that provides detailed information about features and programming.

Get to Know the X16 Plus System Components

XD10 Digital Phone

This is the fully integrated business desk phone that operated with the X16 Plus system.  The XD10 is connected to the X16 Plus Server via Category 3 Telephone Cabling found in the walls of must offices.  The phones and the server are equipped with standard RJ11 plus and jacks.   

X16 Plus Server

This is the central controller of the phone system.  All phones and telephone company lines connect to this unit. All system setting and programming of the X16 Plus system are is performed by connecting a laptop to the server’s “L” (LAN) port. The connection is accomplished via a standard ethernet cable with an RJ45 plug into the server and the laptop.  Programming is web browser based.  

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