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X16e System Bundles with IP9g VoIP Phones

4-Phone Bundle$ 799.99
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6-Phone Bundle$ 999.99
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8-Phone Bundle$ 1199.99
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Pre-Release terms & conditions apply:  As a pre-release product, multiple software and/or hardware updates may be required. Direct communication with XBLUE technical support is required to install and program the system. 

Complete System Bundles

Each system bundle includes an X16e Server w/ Power Supply, IP9g IP Phones w/ Powers Supplies & Ethernet Cables.   Just plug the server into your network, and then plug in the phones. Auto Extension Registration allows the phones and server to automatically connect and your system is operational.

Add More IP9g Phones, Cordless Phones & Fax Support

IP9g IP Phone

  • $99.99

Cordless Handset w/ Base

  • $179.99

X210 Console

  • $349.99
FAX Adapter for Analog Fax Machines

For use with XBLUE Cloud, QB & X16e Phone Systems

  • $69.99

X16e Server Only

When an X16e System Bundle is not required