The X7 Telephone Call Recorder

Record your most important phone calls for training purposes, quotes, interviews, and trades or transactions!   The X7 Telephone Call Recorder connects to any personal computer running Windows operating system and allows you to record live telephone calls directly to your computer or network hard drive. Plus, it easily installs in just two minutes! An ideal business tool for any professional, from brokers and business owners, to executives, medical professionals, and even those who work in human resources.

Main Features:

Touch just one button and begin recording your current telephone conversation.
  • Record calls from any phone to your PC
  • Transfer voice mail messages to your PC
  • Record “in-room” conversations and meetings to your PC
  • Quick and easy setup – takes just a few minutes

Who needs the X7?

  • Home or Office — Store calls and voice mail messages on your computer
  • Brokers — Record trades and transactions
  • Businesses — Record phone calls, quotes and conference calls
  • Customer Service — Record calls for training
  • Dispatchers — Record phone requests and assignments
  • Executives — Record bids, offers, consultations and discussions
  • Human Resources — Record interviews and confidential information
  • Insurance Brokers — Record claims, quotes and authorizations
  • Medical Professional — Record client information, dictation

Here's how it works....  

  1. The handset of your existing telephone plugs into the X7 Module.
  2. The X7 Module plugs into your phone.
  3. The Module also plugs into one of the USB ports on your computer.
X7 software runs on your computer and records both sides of the conversation between the handset and the phone.

Each X7 ships with all the cables and cords you need to simply plug it in and start recording.