Our Focus  It’s simple. We build easy to use, cost effective business phone systems. XBLUE designs and delivers a broad range of phone systems and platforms for businesses with 3-300 employees. We know the importance of communicating with your customers and we love the work we do with both small and large businesses. We have been taking care of businesses like yours since 1997, and before that, our leadership team worked for many major telecom companies who also served the small business community.

Our Products  Our products have helped small, medium, and large businesses keep customer communication at the forefront of their work. We tailor our products to fit your needs, and we do our best to bring them to you.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our manufacturing, the reliability of our software and the ease of use of our systems. Feature and capabilities are developed to help small office system users communicate in the most effective manner possible.

Our Service  Our U.S. based product support team is ready to help you execute your dream. From pre-purchase assistance to select the the right solution, through installation and set-up, to programming the features our customers receive professional, high quality personal service.  

The main point is that we care a lot. We care about your complete satisfaction. We want you to love your XBLUE phone system as much as we do, so we will do everything we can to help answer your questions and solve your problems.  Call XBLUE at (866) 925-8312 to speak with an XBLUE Business Communications Specialist.

What’s in a name?  

XBLUE is more than just unique and memorable.  To us it represents two core values.

X represents a crossing of communications technologies to provide the best value to small business.  XBLUE’s current and future products offer a powerful combination of technologies. We seek out, develop and utilize the most effective communication technology and then incorporate them in our system designs.   

Blue is a symbol of our strong commitment to always be unique through providing the best possible customer service right from the very beginning.  Before you make a purchase we help you identify the right system and services for your business. We help you get your new XBLUE setup and fine tuned for you business needs.  And then our real live U.S. based product support continues to assist you. Another unique XBLUE offering is we provide our customers a choice of designer series color telephones, and yes, including Blue!