Which XBLUE Phone Systems Use Standard Analog Telephone Lines?

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XBLUE X16, X25 & X50 Systems Use Standard Analog Telephone Lines

All XBLUE telephone systems are fully compatible with standard, analog telephone lines that are available from major local telephone companies. Depending on the XBLUE system, digital or VoIP (voice-over-ip) technology may be used to facilitate on-site connection of telephones to the system's communication server. The XBLUE X16 system uses internal digital technology to enable all telephone lines in system to be accessible from all phones. The XBLUE X25 and X50 systems use internal VoIP technology for the same purpose.  All of these systems Do Not Require Internet Service to operate.

The VoIP Line Service Option

Optionally, all XBLUE systems can use Voice Over IP telephone line service which is an Internet-based service.  In fact, you can use standard telephone line service and VoIP line service at the same time.  XBLUE offers VoIP Line Service (aka SIP Trunks). Learn More About XBLUE Line Service