XBLUE Telephone Lines

For XBLUE Phone Systems

Replaces Telephone Company Lines  •  Flat Rate Pricing

Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls1  to Numbers in the US & Canada2

No Contract  •  Pay Monthly or Pay Annually & Save

Monthly per Line
Prepaid Annually
Monthly per Line
Paid Month to Month

Keep Your Phone Number – Free Number Porting

Your current phone number may be ported to XBLUE for free.  You get free number porting for up to the number of lines in your XBLUE Line Service account.  You can select this option at checkout.

Add New Local Phone Numbers – Free Number per Line

If you are not porting an existing number to XBLUE a new local number comes with your account. You can add local numbers for free up to the number of lines in your XBLUE Line Service account.  You can request free new numbers at checkout.

Get Free Tech Support for Your XBLUE Phone System & Lines for the
Lifetime of Your Line Service Account!

Additional Line Services

VoIP Telephone Lines are standardized SIP Trunks (Session Initiation Protocol) that connect your telephone system to the Cloud. The Cloud based SIP Trunks replace conventional telephone lines that typically are provided by a local telephone company or cable TV company. This enables you to run voice, video and data traffic over the same IP network connection, eliminating the need for separate lines or trunks for each mode. You get the most out of your Internet bandwidth!

Included Services:  One Local Phone Number, Caller ID, Incoming Call Roll Over (Hunting), Automatic Fail-safe Forwarding on network, Internet or power failure, and when all lines are busy.

Use of FAX:  FAX machines can be used in limited use on this service. Typically, fax messages of up to 5 pages are acceptable. If FAX usage is higher we suggest use of an online fax service.  

1 XBLUE Telephone Line service is designed for businesses with typical, person to person voice communications and is subject to VoIP Services Terms of Use.  A custom quote may be provided for high traffic incoming and outgoing calling applications. 

2 Call may be placed to locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.  However, the originating call service location must be located in the contiguous 48 United States, which excludes locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. 

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