XBLUE Telephone Line Service​

Are you tired of long-term contracts, hidden fees and outrageous termination fees from your phone company?  Then consider upgrading to XBLUE VoIP Telephone Line Service!  No more paying for long distance calls or extra features like Caller ID.

•  All Inclusive, Flat Rate Pricing 

•  Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls*

•  Replaces Your Existing Telephone Company Lines

•  Keep Your Existing Phone Number

•  Month to Month Service  –  No Contract Required

  • $19.99 / month

Price per Line
Minimum Order 2 Lines

XBLUE Telephone Lines are the ideal way to connect your XBLUE X16, X25, X50 or QB system to the cloud and take full advantage of the latest VoIP, SIP Trunk technologies. It’s easy to save money by using VoIP because both voice and data traffic use your company’s existing network and Internet services.

Get Free Tech Support for Your XBLUE Phone System & Lines for the Lifetime of Your Line Service Account!

Description of Telephone Line Service

XBLUE Telephone Line service utilize VoIP, SIP Trunk technology over your existing Internet service. Service location must be located in the contiguous 48 United States (this excludes locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada). 

The line service is designed for businesses with typical, person to person voice communications and is subject to VoIP Services Terms of Use*.   A custom quote may be provided for high traffic, incoming and outgoing calling applications.

Included Services:  One Local Phone Number, Caller ID, Incoming Call Roll Over (Hunting) and automatic Fail-safe Forwarding to a phone number you specify in the event of a network, Internet or power failure.

Additional Services:  You can add existing or new Local and Toll free telephone numbers to your monthly service.  Number Porting enables you to keep your existing phone number(s),  

Use of FAX:  FAX transmission on this service is limited to documents with up to 5 pages . If larger documents need to be faxed we suggest use of an electronic fax service or a standard analog telephone line.  

* View the complete Terms of Use:  https://xblue.com/voip-services-terms-of-use/

Compatible with XBLUE Phone Systems 

X16 Systems – Requires Additional Hardware

Up to 6 VoIP Lines may be used with an X16 system.  Each VoIP line replaces one standard, analog phone company or cable company telephone line. The X16 VoIP Line Adapter is required. Each adapter support up to 4 lines. Contact us for more information about updating your X16 system for use with XBLUE Telephone Lines.  

X25 & X50 Systems – No Additional Hardware Required

VoIP lines can be used at the same time as standard, analog phone company or cable company telephone line.

X25 Systems support up to 8 VoIP lines and X50 Systems support up 12 VoIP lines (8 without X50 XL expansion software). 

QB Systems – No Additional Hardware Required  

VoIP lines can be used at the same time as standard, analog phone company or cable company telephone line.

QB1 System support up to 10 VoIP lines.  Custom QB Systems capacity varies with support up to 100 VoIP lines.  Contact us for more information about QB system’s use of with XBLUE Telephone Lines.