Remote Phone Technical Requirements for X25 X50 & QB Systems

The XBLUE X25, X50 and QB systems support remote system phones. A remote system phone by definition is a system compatible IP phone connected to the internet at a location other than the location where the system server is installed. The remote phone will operate in the same manner as one installed at the server location.  The use cases include home office workers and branch offices.

The location where the Remote Phone is installed and operating Does Not require a static IP address.  However, an XBLUE IP phone or XBLUE supported IP phone must be installed at the remote location.  The IP phone must be compatible with the XBLUE system server installed at the server location. 

Supported Systems and Remote IP Phone Compatibility:

  • X25 and X50 systems support X2020, X3030 & X4040 IP Phones
  • QB systems supports IP7g IP Phone and X210 Reception Consoles
X25 & X50 Connection Details for Remote Phone Operation

The X25 & X50 systems require direct connection to the Internet.  Refer to the X25 & X50 Quick Installation Guide for a network diagram.  The connection method titled “XBLUE Server as Router (Internet Gateway)” depicts the set up that supports Remote Phones. 

QB System Connection Details for Remote Phone Operation

The QB system may be installed behind the network router / firewall with a port forwarded to the QB server to facilitate “connection” of the Static IP address.

Contact XBLUE Tech Support for assistance setting up Remote Phones