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Telephone Line Service – Annual

XBLUE Telephone Lines replace existing telephone company line service for XBLUE phone systems.  XBLUE line service includes unlimited local and long distance calls to numbers in the United States & Canada.  Each XBLUE line provides one channel or talk path from a XBLUE phone system located in the United States.  A minimum of 2 lines per system is required per account.  View Terms of Use

$239.88 / year


  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls
  • Make Calls to Numbers in the United States & Canada
  • Replaces Your Existing Telephone Company Lines
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number
  • Service Includes One Local Telephone Number
Annual Service Plan
Auto Billed Each Year

Extra Bonus… Receive Free Tech Support for Your XBLUE Phone System for the Life of Your VoIP Line Service Account!

Keep Your Phone Number – Free Number Porting:  
You get free number porting for up to the number of lines in your XBLUE Line Service account. 

Add New Phone Numbers:
A new local number comes with your account if you are not porting an existing number to XBLUE.
You can add more local numbers for free up to the number of lines in your XBLUE Line Service account. 

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