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Free IP9g Phones for Your XBLUE QB System

QB Phone System + XBLUE Phone Lines = IP9g Phones At No Cost

Here’s the details:  Purchase a new QB phone system with XBLUE Telephone Line Service and you will receive (2) IP9g Phones at No Cost for Every XBLUE Telephone Line you order. 

As long as you keep your XBLUE telephone lines you will receive the following at no charge:

  • Lifetime use of XBLUE provided IP9g IP Phones on your QB phone system
  • Lifetime warranty – which means no product repair or replacement costs
  • Lifetime XBLUE technical support

This is an Annual Prepaid Plan for XBLUE Telephone Line Service

Must be ordered with a new XBLUE QB phone system

Get up to (12) IP9g phones with an order of (6) XBLUE telephone lines

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$19.99 per line per month prepaid annually

IP9g phones are provided for your use free of charge while using XBLUE phone line service.  A 2-year service commitment is required.

XBLUE Telephone lines are delivered over your Internet broadband service.  A Static IP Address is required. 

Minimum internet speeds of 5 Mbps up and down are required for XBLUE VoIP service.  

Please select the number of telephone lines:

Minimum order is (2) lines – Includes (4) IP9g phones at no charge

Questions?  Call 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message

QB System Details

XBLUE QB IP Phone Systems are a series of advanced communications platforms designed for companies with 4 to over 300 employees.  Every QB system includes popular business features like Automated Attendant, Voice Mail with individual boxes for every user, Call Announce Intercom / Paging, Conferencing & fully integrated Cell Phone system extensions. 

In addition, a full suite of advanced features are included to enhance business efficiency and productivity.  Voicemail message delivery to Email, Call Queues and other Call Center functions,  Detailed Call / Usage Reporting and Call Recording are among the advanced capabilities included with every QB. There are no licensing fees required to turn on advanced features. 

QB System CapacitiesQB1QB2QB3QB4
Phones / Extensions2050200500
VoIP Telephone Lines1025100100
Analog Telephone Lines481624

Flexible Connectivity: With QB you can connect Standard Analog Telephone Company Lines or you can use VoIP Lines / SIP Trunks. Feel free to continue to use standard telephone lines, or choose both – it’s up to you!  And, if you can choose XBLUE’s VoIP telephone line service you will receive free technical support for the life of your QB system. All you have to do is maintain your XBLUE VoIP phone line service account.

Cell Phone Extension Integration for Mobile Users: Any cell phone can be a fully independent system extension. In addition, the user’s deskphone and cell phone extension can be programmed to be the exact same extension which means incoming calls will ring both phones at the same time. Mobile workers are now just an intercom call away as you actually can call one extension number to reach a mobile user regardless if they are in or out of the office.

Branch Office/Remote Worker Extensions: QB system phones can be located off-site at home or remote offices and operate exactly the same as system phones located at the main office. The remote user can access lines, make intercom calls and use systems features in exactly the same manner as users at the main office.

Multiple Auto Attendants: Incoming Call Automation starts with the QB Automated Attendant / IVR where callers can select from an audio menu or dial an extension number or other system destination. You can fully customize menu choices and announcements for your business, and include a Dial By Name directory to streamline access to individual system users. Even access to Conference Calls is simplified by enabling callers to select Conference Call Rooms.

Ring Groups and Queues: To improve coverage, incoming calls may be routed to Ring Groups or Call Queues. Ring Groups simultaneously alert multiple employees of unique types of incoming calls. Call Queues may be setup to automatically place calls “on hold” and play custom announcements to inform callers of their  approximate wait time. Calls may be routed in a linear fashion or evenly distributed.

Call Recording for All Calls & Per Call: For customer service improvement and security, audio recordings of phone calls may be captured and saved. A system administrator may set up recording for all calls, or each system user may record calls on a per call basis.

Calls Detail Reports: All incoming and outgoing call details are captured enabling custom system usage reports to be generated and exported by a system administrator. Call date, duration, line used, number called and Caller ID data are all available.

XBLUE Offers High Quality “Live” Pre & Post Sales Phone Support

Call us toll free at (866) 925-8312. Our US based technical support staff is ready to assist! So please call us with any questions you might have regarding the purchase of an XBLUE phone system or any time after your purchase for real time personal assistance.


Gigabit HD IP Phone
The Perfect Match for
QB Systems!

The XBLUE IP9g is a Dual Display, Gigabit, Enterprise-Grade IP Phone.

Separate Main & User Programmable Color Displays Improve User Productivity.

The Main Display Shows Call Details & Call Logs while the User Display Shows Status of up to 30 System Users in 5 Quick Select Pages.

The HD VoIP technology of the IP9g enables clear, high quality audio on every call.

The phone’s Dual Port Gigabit Data Switch optimizes data cabling and offers Gigabit network broadband throughput.

Optionally, QB supports many standardized SIP 2.0 Endpoints*, including IP-based Cordless and Conference Room phones.

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*All QB capabilities are available and ready for use!
There are no add-on licensing fees to enable system features. Depending on your level of expertise, some QB functions, 3rd party devices & dial tone services may require paid XBLUE Professional Service to assist in setup. We can help you customize your QB system specifically for your unique business requirement.