QB1 Advanced Mobility

This annual subscription includes the softphone app for Android and Apple smartphones, and it also enables remote IP phones to operate without the need for a static IP address.  One per system supports multiple users.  This is a special order item that requires XBLUE sales to verify the order prior to activation.

$199.99 / year


Advanced Mobility for QB Adds Softphone App Compatibility & Optimized Remote IP Phone Performance

Softphone App for Android & Apple Smartphones:  Use the QB softphone App as your system phone when you are in or out of your office. Your smartphone may be used instead of an office desk phone. Unify your Smartphone contacts with your phone system operation.  View the status of & quickly place calls to other phone system users.  Easily transfer calls & use hold right from your smartphone

Simplified & Secure Remote Phone Operation:  Eliminates the need to static IP address for remote phones and encrypts calls for remote phones used at home & branch offices. No complicated router programming is required. Ideal for businesses with multiple office location. Enables international intercom calls & transfer to remote IP phone. 

Note: Implementation requires mobility enabled software and the serial number of your system. 

Our XBLUE Phone System Specialists can help you determine how you and your business can take advantage of QB Mobility Pro.