WiFi Dongle for XBLUE IP9g IP Phones

This Wifi dongle enables the IP9g to operate on your XBLUE Cloud or QB phone system without the need for a data cable connection. 

The dongle is connected to the USB port found on the back of the IP9g phone.

Alternatively, the IP9g USB port also supports a Bluetooth dongle for wireless Bluetooth headsets or a Memory stick for storing recorded phone calls. 

Only one dongle may be used per IP9g Phone.


In some cases WiFi interference can negatively affect WiFi enabled IP telephone operation and audio quality.  This is more likely to occur in locations where a high concentration of WiFi enabled devices are present.  WiFi devices can include laptop computers, cell phones, printers, security systems and security cameras.  Use of a WiFi Adapter/Repeater may improve IP telephone performance in these areas.  To set this up the affected IP phones are assigned to operate with the WiFi Adapter/Repeater.