3rd Party IP Phone Provisioning

$39.99 for 1 month

Professional Services for provisioning 3rd Party (None-XBLUE) IP / SIP End Points such as phones, conference phones and cordless phones

This Professional Service option is offered in addition to existing technical support.

If the device can be used with the XBLUE system, we will determine the correct settings to make the device operational. However we do not guarantee the functionality of the third-party device. 

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This professional service option is offered in addition to existing technical support.  The XBLUE system that the device is intended to operate with must be covered by the XBLUE first year warranty, or a monthly or annual support plan. This technical assistance add-on is charged on a per device basis.

If you have purchased a new XBLUE system that includes an XBLUE server and IP phones, we will provide to you the resulting device settings and instruction to help you provision additional devices.  The XBLUE system must be currently covered by an XBLUE warranty.  This professional service fee is non-refundable.