Phone & FAX Line Sharing Module

Allow for a single phone line to be able to have both do both XBLUE phone voice as well as fax calls and be sent to the proper device.

Compatible with XBLUE X16, X25 & X50 Phone Systems

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Setup Information

This Phone and Fax line sharing module will connect to your incoming phone line as well as your fax machine and your XBLUE Phone system. The incoming phone line would connect into the module's LINE port, your XBLUE system would connect on the VOICE 1 port and your FAX Machine will connect to the FAX port. When the module detects a fax tone in the call, it will send the call to the FAX port and if it doesn't, the call will be sent to the VOICE 1 port.

X16: The VOICE 1 port on your module will connect to the an available Central Office Port on your XBLUE X16 server.

X25 & X50: The VOICE 1 port on your module will connect to an available LINE port on your XBLUE X25 or X50 server.