Cloud Burst IP7g Phones


Cloud Burst Gigabit IP Phone with Separate Main & User Programmable Color Displays

  • Main Display Shows Call Details & Call Logs
  • Separate User Programmable Display has 6 Multi-Function Buttons with Dual Color LEDs
  • Dual Port Gigabit Data Switch to Optimize Workstation Cabling

IP7g specially programmed for XBLUE Cloud Burst services.

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Add Cloud Burst Services

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Cloud Burst Number Porting
One-time charge to initiate the porting of an existing telephone numbers
  • XBLUE Number Porting Service moves your existing phone numbers to your XBLUE account
  • We contact your current carrier and work directly with them to port your numbers
  • Your authorization is required for us to initiate and complete the porting process

Order Porting Service for every existing phone number you are moving to XBLUE Cloud Burst.

$10.00 Add to cart
Add Cloud Burst Local Numbers
  • Add Numbers for Specific Use such as Private Numbers
  • Setup Direct Inward Dial Number (DID) for Special Staff Members or Groups
  • Add Alternate Numbers for Branch Offices or Business Units

Order the quantity of additional phone number(s) you are porting to Cloud Burst.   Each number added will be temporary until your existing number is ported.

$0.99 / month Add to Cart
Cloud Burst Toll Free Numbers
  • Add Toll Free Numbers for Specific Use such as Private Numbers
  • Setup Direct Inward Dial Number (DID) for Special Staff Members or Groups
  • Add Alternate Toll Free Numbers for Branch Offices or Business Units

Order the quantity of additional toll free phone number(s) you are porting to XBLUE.   

$14.99 / month Add to Cart
Cloud Burst Fax Setup
Add Integrated Fax capability to your Cloud Burst System.

This one-time charge adds 2 ports for connection Fax Machines. This capability is for low to medium fax use with limited document sizes of up to 4 pages per fax. We recommend use of electric fax services for organizations that fax larger documents.

  • Keep your current fax number by porting it to XBLUE or add an Additional Number to your Cloud Burst system
  • Use the Cloud Burst Auto Attendant to automatically route faxes to fax machines

Call 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message if you have questions about use of fax machines with your Cloud Burst system.

$49.99 Add to cart
Cordless IP Phone Handset

Yealink W56H DECT Cordless Handset
Requires YLW56P

Compatible with XBLUE X25, X50, QB & Cloud Burst systems.   When using this cordless phone with your XBLUE system the user can make internal intercom calls, receive voicemail messages, access any external telephone line to make outgoing phone calls and answer any incoming call.

IP End Point Provisioning: When purchased from, the XBLUE IP End Point Provisioning fee is included to integrate this product with your XBLUE phone system.

XBLUE Support:  When you purchase this product on you receive free technical support from XBLUE to help you set it up for use with your XBLUE system. To receive this valuable service just contact us at 866-925-8312 or click here to send us a message. To provide support all we need is your order number.

$109.99 Add to cart
Cordless Phone with IP Base
Yealink W60P DECT Cordless Handset and Base Station
  • Compatible with XBLUE X25, X50, QB & Cloud Burst systems
  • Base Unit Supports 8 Handsets with Unique System Extension Numbers
  • Supported & Provisioned by XBLUE when purchased here at
$179.99 Add to cart
For assistance ordering XBLUE Telephone Lines please call us at 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message

IP7g IP Phone Description

This IP7g is specially provisioned for use with XBLUE Cloud Burst services.

Dual Displays – Color LCD Screens for both Call Information & User Status

The Main Display shows call details, call logs and other active call related information. The Main Display has 4 dynamic buttons that change function based on call status making it very easy and efficient to select functions that are relevant during call progress.  The 4 Main Display buttons are customizable for your particular needs.

The User Programmable Display has 6 Buttons with Multi-Color LEDs that show the status of up to 30 system users. The buttons are arranged in 5 quick access pages that are selectable with one touch of the page selector button located below the display.  These buttons can also be used for access to system features or speed dialing.

Call Logs, Selective Redial & Speed Dial Phonebooks

The Call Log lists up to 600 calls including missed calls, received calls and dialed numbers.  The Redial Button displays the list of recently dialed numbers for quick and easy recall.  And calling can be further automated with up to 500 speed dial contact phonebook with support for standardized LDAP ( Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and XML (Extensible Markup Language).

All of the most commonly used features are pre-programmed on the phone with one-touch, preset Feature Buttons for easy and quick operation including Hold, Transfer, Conference, Volume Adjustment, Mute, Redial,

Phonebook and Call Logs.  The High Visibility Status Light in the upper right corner of the phone shows busy, ringing and voicemail indication making it possible for others in the office environment to see the current status of the phone when entering the user’s work area.

Gigabit Throughput, POE Ready & Clear HD Audio

The phone’s Dual Port Gigabit Data Switch optimizes workstation cabling without compromising network speed.  The IP7g is fully Power Over Ethernet (POE) compatible and includes Plug-In AC Power Supply for applications without POE. Each IP7g also comes with an Ethernet cable and an adjustable stand that enables multiple viewing angles and wall mounting.

The IP7g uses the most current HD VoIP audio technology to enable clear, high quality audio.  For hands-free operation use the Full Duplex HD Speakerphone, or use the Electronic Hook Switch Control for optimized Headset Operation.

XBLUE offers High Quality “Live” Pre & Post Sales Phone Support

Calling us toll free at (866) 925-8312 or send us a message via our website. Our US based technical support staff is ready to assist!  So please call us with any questions you might have regarding the purchase of an XBLUE phone system or any time after your purchase for real time personal assistance.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 2.5 in

Include Power Supply, Without Power Supply