Add Local Numbers

$0.99 / month

  • Add Numbers for Specific Use such as Private Numbers
  • Setup Direct Inward Dial Number (DID) for Special Staff Members or Groups
  • Add Alternate Numbers for Branch Offices or Business Units

Order the quantity of additional phone number(s) you are porting to XBLUE Line Service.   Each number will be temporary until your existing number is ported.

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Additional Telephone Line Services

Add 800 Number
Add Lines
Add Existing Number
Required for X16
For assistance ordering XBLUE Telephone Lines please call us at 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message
More Information about Adding a Local Number

Every XBLUE Telephone Line Service account comes with 1 local telephone number. The assigned number is temporary if you are moving (porting) an existing phone number to XBLUE Line Service. If you are not porting an existing number, the temporary number will become your permanent phone number. You can add additional local phone numbers to your account for fax or direct inward dial (DID) numbers for use as private numbers.

Telephone numbers can be added to any XBLUE Telephone Line Service.  Telephone numbers can be programmed directly to system destinations for personal/private use or groups/department use.  Use of XBLUE Cloud services are subject to XBLUE VoIP Services Terms of Use.