911 Dispatchable Location Identifier

A Dispatchable Location is the street address of the 911 calling party, plus additional information such as suite, building number, apartment, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the caller.

Order a Dispatchable Location Identifier for each unique location within your business.  For example you may have multiple buildings on your property.  In this case you may give each building a unique Dispatchable Location Identity to aid emergency responders in quickly locating the source of the 911 call.  

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According to FCC requirements, the information on this webpage must be adhered to
by the responsible party installing and managing a telephone system

911 Emergency Dialing – Ray Baum’s Act Dispatchable Location

The FCC has adopted rules under Section 506 of Ray Baum’s Act to ensure that “dispatchable location” information is conveyed with 911 calls so that first responders can more quickly locate the caller. Dispatchable location information includes the street address of the caller, and in some cases, additional information such as room or floor number, to adequately locate the caller.

If you have a small business, according to the Ray Baum’s Act FAQs section of the FCC’s website (copied below) your validated street address automatically provided by your telephone line carrier and/or telephone system will in most cases be in compliance with the requirements of the Ray Baum Act.

However, if you have remote workers using the phone system from a home or branch offices, or if your place of business is multi-story or has multiple buildings additional Dispatchable Location information will typically be required. In these situations, you will need to add a Dispatchable Location Identifier for each of these unique locations within your business. For example, if your business is multi-story or has multiple buildings you can give each floor and/or building a unique Dispatchable Location Identity to aid emergency responders in quickly locating the source of the 911 call.

Excerpt from the Ray Baum Act FAQ – FCC Website

Q. Under what circumstances does providing a 911 caller’s “dispatchable location” require information beyond the caller’s validated street address?

A. The definition of “dispatchable location” is functional and varies significantly depending on the environment from which a 911 call originates and the amount of information needed to adequately identify the caller’s location. For 911 calls placed from multi-story buildings or campus environments, dispatchable location will typically require specific floor and room information in addition to the street address. On the other hand, for 911 calls placed from many small businesses, a validated street address alone may constitute dispatchable location because it provides first responders all the information they need to quickly locate the caller.

Use of Analog Landlines, XBLUE VoIP Telephone Lines or Cloud Burst Lines:  This service is required if your business uses Analog Landlines from your local telephone company and you determine your business requires 911 Dispatchable Location Identifier(s).

If you use XBLUE VoIP Lines or Cloud Burst Lines this service is not required.  To meet the requirement simply add a local phone number (DID) for each 911 Dispatchable Location.  View XBLUE Local Number Details

Additional information about 911 compliance and Dispatchable Locations can be found on these U.S. government web pages:  

FCC Dispatchable Location Webpage: https://www.fcc.gov/911-dispatchable-location   |   FAQ (PDF):  https://www.fcc.gov/file/18440/download


Automatic System Notification of 911 Calls:

In addition to Dispatchable Location Identifiers all XBLUE X16 Plus, QB and Cloud systems automatically notify multiple extensions within the system of users dialing 911 at other extensions.  The desk phones that receive notification will display the extension number used to dial 911.   We recommend that multiple individuals in your organization be advised of this emergency notification function and be prepared to assist emergency responders as needed.