XBLUE Telephone Line Service​

All Inclusive, Flat Rate  –  Month to Month Service  –  No Contract Required

Get Free Tech Support for Your XBLUE Phone System & Lines for the Lifetime of Your Line Service Account!

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls
  • Replaces Your Existing Telephone Company Lines
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number

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XBLUE Telephone Lines

Each XBLUE Telephone line provides one channel or talk path from a office phone system in the United States.*

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls
  • Make Calls to Numbers in the United States & Canada
  • Replaces Your Existing Telephone Company Lines
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number
  • Month to Month Service – No Contract Required

Minimum Order is 2 lines.  Service comes with one local telephone number.

Extra Bonus… Receive Free Tech Support for Your XBLUE Phone System for the Life of Your VoIP Line Service Account!

$19.99 / month Add to Cart
Phone Number Porting
One-time fee paid to port an existing phone number
  • Porting moves your existing numbers to your XBLUE account
  • We work with your current carrier to port your numbers

Order Porting Service for every existing phone number you are moving to XBLUE Telephone Line Service. 

If porting more than 1 number,  please purchase Add Local Phone Number item for the additional quantity of numbers you are porting.

$10.00 Add to cart
Add Local Numbers
  • Add Numbers for Specific Use such as Private Numbers
  • Setup Direct Inward Dial Number (DID) for Special Staff Members or Groups
  • Add Alternate Numbers for Branch Offices or Business Units

Order the quantity of additional phone number(s) you are porting to XBLUE Line Service.   Each number will be temporary until your existing number is ported.

$0.99 / month Add to Cart
Add Toll Free Number

This Toll Free Telephone Number Service provides inbound calling on a national toll-free basis using one of the Toll Free prefixes (800, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888). Prefixes are subject to availability.

Just like Local Telephone Numbers, this Toll Free Number is used in combination with your XBLUE Telephone Lines.

Service includes 500 incoming minutes per month.  Over rate is $0.03 per minute.  Contact us for alternate pricing if you need more than 500 minutes per month.

$14.99 / month Add to Cart
X16 VoIP Line Adapter

This unit requires custom provisioning (pre-programming) by XBLUE Product Support prior to use with the X16 phone systems.  Provisioning is included in the price of the adapter.

Each unit support (4) lines.  This unit MUST be ordered with XBLUE Certified Telephone Line Service for the X16 Phone System. A total of 2 units can be attached to the X16 system.  The 2rd unit for lines 5 and 6 requires the installation of an X16 Line Expansion Card.

Fax is not support when using this adapter.  Contact us for more information about using Fax with VoIP Line Service.

$99.99 Add to cart