IP7g IP Phone & Related Parts

IP7g Universal IP Phone

Enterprise-Grade Gigabit IP Phone with Separate Main & User Programmable Color Displays

  • Main Display Shows Call Details & Call Logs
    • Includes 4 Buttons that Change Function based on Call Status
  • Separate User Programmable Display has 6 Multi-Function Buttons with Dual Color LEDs
    • Display the Status of up to 30 System Users Arranged in 5 Quick-Select Pages
  • Dual Port Gigabit Data Switch to Optimize Workstation Cabling

For use with XBLUE QB, Cloud Burst systems or other open IP systems such as Broadsoft & Asterisk*.

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Cordless Phone with IP Base
Yealink W60P DECT Cordless Handset and Base Station
  • Compatible with XBLUE X25, X50, QB & Cloud Burst systems
  • Base Unit Supports 8 Handsets with Unique System Extension Numbers
  • Supported & Provisioned by XBLUE when purchased here at XBLUE.com
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Wireless Conference Combo

Includes Wireless Conference Phone & Base Unit for use with XBLUE X25, X50, QB & Cloud Burst Systems.

Special Order Item – Contact Us for Details

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IP7g IP Phone Power Supply

VoIP Telephone Power Supply for use with XBLUE IP7G IP Phones.  This power supply is not required when the phone is powered by a POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch.

Compatibility Note: This power supply is 100% compatible with the lower power consumption design of the IP7g phones.  DO NOT use this power supply with XBLUE X2020, X3030 or X4040 IP Phones.
For X2020, X3030, X4040 IP Phone select item # PSX2020X3030X4040.

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IP7g Wireless Headset Kit
Remotely Answer Incoming Calls – Just Press the Button on the Headset

This is a High Performance Telephone Headset.  Ideal for call center agents, telephone receptionists or anyone who spends long periods on phone calls.

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