FAQ – Do we need a telephone line for each extension / phone in the system?

Questions from a potential customer: If we have one phone line, can we have multiple extensions or would we have to purchase a line for each extension?

The simple answer is no.   For clarity let’s use the terms Extension, Phone and User as meaning the same thing.  A line for each user or phone is not necessary. In fact, business phone systems are designed to enable lines to be shared by multiple users. Typically, a business has at least 2 telephone company lines in a rollover. This allows one line to be busy and still receive another call on the second line. The ratio of telephone company lines to users is typically 2 phones per line or less. So if you have 8 users or phones, you would have 3 or 4 lines. However, the ratio and the amount of lines varies based on the anticipated call traffic.

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