XBLUE Lease Options

Save Your Cash with XBLUE’s New Low-Cost Telephone System Leasing Program!

Are you starting or growing a business?  A great way to spend less is to lease your phone system with XBLUE.  Leasing your phone system from XBLUE has a number of great advantages.

  • Frees up cash to invest in vital company initiatives like capital expenditures, marketing and staffing.
  • Easier to keep pace with technology, especially important with telecommunications.
  • Easy system upgrade options.  Add phones to your system or upgrade to a newer XBLUE system as needed.
  • A short lease term of only 24 months, and then you own the system!   

And, the best part? For as long as you lease your phone system from XBLUE you will receive…

Full Product Warranty Coverage  · Which means no product repair or replacement costs. XBLUE will replace any defective product free of charge at any time for the duration of your lease.

XBLUE Live Technical Support  · Complete access to XBLUE’s expert technicians for all of your XBLUE phone system support needs at no charge for the duration of your lease.

Lease Our Most Popular System Bundles


Starting at 59.99 a Month

Complete System with (4) X16 Phones

Starting at 69.99 a Month

Complete System with (4) X3030 IP Phones

Starting at 89.99 a Month

Complete System with (4) IP7g IP Phones

Contact us for more lease options  ·  Call 866-925-8312 or Send Us a Message

Lease Terms:  A 24-month lease agreement is required.  After 24 months ownership of the complete system and phones transfers to the customer. Upgrade your XBLUE system any time after 6 months with no charges or fees. Your lease term will simply reset to 24 months at the new phone system rate.  Opt out option: at any time after the initial 6 months of the lease term you can opt out and return your system for a 50% one-time payment of the remaining total lease term amount.  Shipping: XBLUE pays ground shipping costs. Expedited shipping is paid by paid by the leasee.