XBLUE Innovative Phone System Design

XBLUE Innovation award

Save money with XBLUE’s award winning, innovative business phone system design.  XBLUE systems are install ready with Auto Receptionist / Automated Attendant and a Voice Mail box for every system user.   And the best part is we provide real live US based manufacturer product support before you buy, when you install your new phone system and afterwards.

XBLUE systems includes an abundance of business phone system features and capabilities.  Features like hold, call transfer, conferencing and intercom are already set-up and ready to use when you first turn on your new XBLUE phone system. Even voice mail is ready to receive messages at every phone as soon as the phone is connected to the system. More advanced features are included too, and are just a few programming steps away.  

Self Installation Saves Money:  The cost of a new phone system can be significantly reduced when you install it yourself.  And, because of XBLUE’s unique self-install system design of the X16, X25 and X50 systems, the installation of a on-premise system is as easy as plugging in the components.  XBLUE systems utilize standard modular connectors and come pre-programmed to handle incoming calls.  System phones are already setup to take voicemail messages and enable system users to make phone calls.  With little additional programming you can customize system operation to suit your organization’s needs.

Cloud Simplicity:  With the XBLUE Cloud Phone System you just plug in your new phones and accessories, contact XBLUE for activation and customization, and you have a complete business phone systems.  Our XBLUE technicians can even enable and configure advanced features.  Or you can take control and do it yourself.

Advanced Communications Solutions: If the sophistication of an IP PBX are more inline with your needs, XBLUE QB offers a full suite of advanced features in a single system platform with price effective hardware components. With the XBLUE QB Series, even very small configurations offer the full suite of advanced features.  QB is cost effective from 4 though over 300 extensions. 

At XBLUE Innovation is found in our system designs, services and support. 
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