7 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Work

7 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Work


Imagine this scenario: You have a big meeting approaching and you’ve been preparing for months. With less than 24 hours before you make your appearance, you discover a scratchy feeling in the back of your throat. What do you do? And is there anything you could’ve done beforehand to prevent this onset of illness?

The answer is, well, actually, YES!

As a performer, my work requires that I travel and interact with others often. I’ve learned that staying healthy while away from home can be quite the challenge. So how can you maintain optimal health in order to nail those out-of-town meetings and presentations?

Here are a few tips based on my traveling experience.

1. Maintain your routine
If you’re staying in a hotel, pick up the phone and schedule a wake up call. Then set your cell phone alarm for the time you normally wake up. This is an added layer of comfort knowing you won’t oversleep. Even if your first meeting isn’t until the afternoon, your body will appreciate you sticking to your standard sleep schedule.

2. Bring the vitamin C
Taking vitamin C while you are traveling can help curb the damage done by potential, pesky airplane colds. According to Mayo Clinic, taking vitamin C before the onset of cold symptoms may shorten the duration of symptoms. Emergen-C and Airborne are also great options.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep
When you’re traveling, you finally get a chance to ignore the distractions of office phones constantly ringing and chatty Cathy at the office, so use this time to decompress and sleep, sleep, sleep. When you drift off to sleep, your body begins its’ “night-shift work” of recovering from the day’s activities and healing damaged cells. When you compromise the amount of sleep your body gets, you are compromising your health.

4. Stay hydrated
We all know how important hydration is on a daily basis. But did you know that staying hydrated can fend off illness? Not to mention, air travel is known for its powers of dehydration. We recommend packing an empty water bottle in your carry-on. Once you are through security, find the nearest water fountain and fill up! (I might have just saved you $6 bucks too, because airport water can get expensive.)

5. Manage to get in a quick workout
Take advantage of your hotel gym and sweat it out before your big meeting. According to MedLinePlus.Gov, physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This may also reduce your chances of getting a cold, flu, or other illness. So squeeze in a quick workout, if you can!

6. Limit alcohol
We get it, this might seem to take away all the fun, but on quick turn-around trips, you’ll be glad you sipped in moderation. Drinking alcohol is a one-way ticket to Dehydration Station. If you like to have a glass of wine while you travel, make sure to remain hydrated by consuming plenty of H2O.

7. Travel during the day
Traveling in the evening can be disorienting. When you travel during the day, your body doesn’t require a discombobulating reset and you can get in some “office time” during the trip! Plus, you might even avoid an office meeting or two while you’re in the air… shhh, we won’t tell. 

The truth is: if you aren’t feeling 100%, you can’t perform 100%. Taking care of your health is as important as preparation. So next time you are “on the road” for your next business venture, do yourself a favor and pack these helpful tips in your suitcase! 

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