The Top 5 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Smart entrepreneurs are always looking for an edge to help them find more success. But being a successful entrepreneur is more than just great numbers (although those are part of the end game!). It’s about finding a successful, sustainable lifestyle by building habits that encourage growth, financial success, and the ability to do what you want when you want. And since you’re here looking for that edge, here it is: here are our top habits of a successful entrepreneur.

Here are Our Top 5 Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Each of these habits will help you become more productive, earn more, and be happier overall. That means whether you’re in the office, on vacation, or out and about with family or friends. These top habits are touted by experts as being the key points that any successful entrepreneur, businessperson, or individual should focus on.

1. Successful Entrepreneurs Prioritize Their Time

Prioritizing your time is more than just waking up early, although that’s definitely part of the equation! The most productive of entrepreneurs also knows himself or herself well enough to schedule their day to accommodate their most productive times.

In other words, if you’re most productive in the morning, schedule your Single Most Important Thing (SMIT) during that time. Schedule less important things during your afternoons or evenings. For example, if your SMIT is a meeting with a prospective client, try to schedule it for your peak performance time.

You’ll be better able to present your products as well as meet the needs of your client, who will appreciate you that much more.

2. Entrepreneurs Who Succeed Minimize and Eliminate Distractions

Second, successful individuals are in the habit of minimizing and eliminating distractions in every way possible. Some of the biggest time sinks known to mankind are social media. While browsing that news feed is entertaining, how much does it help your bottom line? Unless you’re a social media expert who’s interacting with raving fans, the answer is zero.

Now, that doesn’t mean social media is the only distraction. Other common distractions include the almost obsessive checking of email, endless or pointless meetings, and delaying doing important work because you don’t feel like it in the moment.

The types of distractions are endless. Know yourself – and what distracts you. Then, get rid of those distractions so that you can get your work done already.

3. The Best Business People Use Technology to Help, not Hinder Business

The third habit of successful entrepreneurs is using technology to help their business. It ties in a little bit to the previous habit, as some technology can be a huge distraction!

For example, a website can be a huge boost for your business. But constantly questioning your server choice, your platform choice, and researching the latest and greatest plugins to add to your website aren’t helping. Instead, that’s using up your valuable, precious time that could be spent closing deals! Having a functional website is important – but spending time beyond your needs on research is going to hurt, not help, your business.

4. Successful Entrepreneurs Work to Find Balance

The fourth habit of a successful entrepreneur is to find balance. In other words, you know how important it is to rejuvenate yourself with proper amounts of family and self time. You make time for self care, exercise, and fun in addition to all of the hours you spend working.

Because the only way you’re going to be able to keep giving and going is by filling up your own reserves first!

5. Finally, They Are Willing to Invest in Themselves and Their Business

In order to have a future, you have to be willing to invest in it! A successful individual is able to carefully weigh the pros and cons to any potential investment – and to wisely select those that are their best choices for both their business’ progression and their own.

Because investing in the future means both their own – and their business’ futures. This can mean investing in courses, self care, hiring, traveling, or whatever else.

It means making the best choices in the present with an eye to the future. And in that way, you’ll quickly find yourself among the top, most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

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