Five Ways to Separate Your Work Life from Your Personal Life

While not everyone works a set 9-to-5 schedule anymore, there are a few things we can still learn from that kind of work mentality. Specifically, we can learn better how to separate work life from your personal life. So let’s get things back in balance – and leave work at work, shall we?

How To Successfully Separate Work Life From Your Personal Life

There’s a lot we can do to learn how to separate our work life from our personal life – and here’s some of our favorite ways to do that.

1. Set and Know the Expectations

Some jobs are easier to leave once you punch out than others are. No matter what, though, know what the expectations are. And if expectations aren’t in writing, get them in writing. That way, you’ll know exactly when you need to be answering that urgent text – and when your boss or team is crossing the line.

2. Leave the Office

Once you know the expectation, set physical and time limits. Get to work at the same time each day – and clock out at the same time. Then, leave the office!

Enjoy your time. You’ve earned it.

3. Disconnect

Once you’ve left the office, your time is yours – so don’t feel bad turning off the phone notifications (unless you’re on mandatory on-call!).

The same goes for vacations – unplug. You’re on your time. Unplug. Use an automated email message to let people know you’re out of the office, when you’ll return, and who to contact in the meantime if they need immediate assistance.

4. Schedule Personal Time

Speaking of vacation, schedule personal time for yourself! Maybe that means going backpacking in the mountains. Or maybe you’re more of a beach-going type. Perhaps it means scheduling gym time every day, so that you’re able to take out all of that office stress on some cycling machines.

No matter what, schedule some time to refill your reservoir. You’ve only got so much to go around, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself. That way, you’ve got more to give.

5. Learn to Say No

Finally, learn to say no with confidence and ease.

Getting a “no” isn’t the end of the world, and neither is saying no. Sometimes it means “not right now” – or “not with me.”

Because when you say “no” to one thing, you’ve got the room to say “yes!” to something else.

By putting all five of these tips together, you’re going to find more time, energy, and ability to enjoy both your life at home – and your time at work.

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