FAQ X25 & X50 Systems – Use of Cisco or Other 3rd Party IP Phones


Can Cisco IP phones be added to an X25 system?


It is difficult to know whether or not any 3rd party IP telephone will work on the X25 or X50. In regard to Cisco IP phones, many are designed to work best on a Cisco Call Manager system. Technically speaking any IP or SIP based telephone should “work” unless it was designed for a specific telephone system like our X3030 and X4040 telephones were. They have proprietary software in them to support features like line key appearances, message waiting lamps, etc. Generally speaking, 3rd party IP phones would probably register to the system.  However, beyond the ability to place and receive calls, it would be unknown what features might work or not work.

Since 3rd party IP or SIP devices will definitely not auto register to the X25 or X50 system, in system admin you would navigate to menu Voice/Phone/Phone Extension menu in the X25 or X50 and add an extension to include a SIP authentication password. You can leave the MAC binding blank as it is only required for authentication if there is a MAC address there. Make sure XBLUE Phones Only is disabled for that extension. The remaining programming would be in the device’s web interface where you would enter the proxy address (X25 or X50 IP address), port 5070, and the extension/password credentials. 

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