FAQ – Can X16, X25 or X50 Forward or Send Calls to an External Phone Number?

Customer Question: “Can this system be programmed to call an external phone number (like a cell phone) as an extension?”

Yes.  Here’s how it works:  An X16 phone can be set up to Forward callers to an external phone number such as a cell phone.  When a call is transferred to the X16 phone, the call will forward to the external phone number. The XBLUE X25 and X50 systems take this to another level by enabling direct transfer to external phone numbers.  This is also a function of the automated attendant.  For example, an X25 or X50 auto attendant could say “to reach our after hours representative press 9”.  The system would transfer the caller to the cell phone.  Contact XBLUE for free pre-sale assistance.  We can provide more details and answer even the most complicated product questions.