FAQ – Are Cloud-Based System Phones Connect with Ethernet Cables

A prospective customer asked “Does the cloud-based system require Ethernet plugged into each phone?”

The answer is yes – All desk phones on the Cloud Burst cloud-based system are IP phones that use CAT 5 or 6 cables (Ethernet) to connect to your data network and access the internet.  Here are a couple of exceptions:

  • It is possible use a WiFi adapter to “connect” desk phones to XBLUE Cloud.  In that case, the adapter and phone would be dependent on your data network’s WiFi capability and performance.
  • Obviously, Cordless or Wireless phones are not connect with a cable.  However, their base units are connected to your network via Ethernet.

We have many other systems to choose from. Our X16 system does not use Ethernet connections.  It uses standard telephone system wiring. This comparison web-page shows the differences between our various systems:  https://xblue.com/compare/