Douglas Okanogan County Fire District

This system is incredible. We are an ambulance service and needed a system that would allow us to stay on conventional phone lines while having the VoIP capability for non-critical lines. Our phone company wanted 13K for a digital phone system that would have required a phone call and a service tech for any changes or technical support for the life of the system. With X-Blue, tech support is a simple phone call away. The system has worked flawlessly since we installed it 3 months ago. I highly recommend this system to ANY business, large or small. I’m hoping to convince our local hospital and police dept. to consider upgrading from their 20 year old systems to X-Blue.  Warren Hendrix, EMT and In-House IT Specialist, Brewster, WA

System Details:  XBLUE X50 System with 14 Phones & 4 Telephone Lines

Most Important Features:  Cost Savings. System Stability. Regular and VOIP functionality. Incredible Product Support. PoE compatible. Quick and Easy Setup.