CVP Productions Inc

“When the previous system was replaced by the XBLUE X50 phone system the entire business was changed. Overall productivity increased and communication improved within the office.

The XBLUE phones are easy to use and we have had no issues with them since the installation. We also appreciate the reduced operating cost of the XBLUE X50. We no longer have to worry about having to purchase expansion modules like with the previous system. We would recommend the XBLUE X50 to anyone looking to purchase a new telephone system . The system meets our needs now and into the future.” Rob Fanning

XBLUE System: X50 VoIP System, Number of Extensions: 10 IP Phones, Number of Lines: 3 (Standard / Analog)

Important Features: Conference Calls, Speed Dial, Music On Hold, Internal Paging, After Hours Auto Attendant, Voice Mail