XBLUE Cloud Support

Welcome! Thank you for choosing XBLUE Cloud. 

XBLUE Cloud service is a Business-Grade Telephone System in the cloud
 which eliminates the need to install and maintain a server at your office.

Please review the following information

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Conecting Your New XBLUE Phones

Your XBLUE phones are configured for connection to the XBLUE Cloud prior to shipment. When you receive your XBLUE Cloud phones simply connect them to a high-speed internet connection for the best telephone service experience. 

If you have a cable coming to your computer you can use that same cable to connect to the network connector on the back of your new XBLUE IP Phone and then connect your computer to the computer port on the back of the phone. Both devices are then connected to the office network and the Internet.

Connection Notes

  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may have two devices, Modem + Router, or one device, Combination Modem/Router. The illustration above shows two separate devices.
  • The connection of your XBLUE IP Phone to your network is best on a wired connection directly to a vacant “LAN” port of the router. If there are no vacant ports a Data Switch is required to duplicate these ports to allow additional network devices to be connected.
  • If there is no cable from the router to where the phone will be used it is best to install a cable however a wireless WIFI connection can help when cable installation is too difficult or impossible. WIFI Adapters are available at
  • Data Switches are available on our store as well. Data Switches that power the phone are called POE Data Switches and when used they eliminate the need for a wall-power adapter at the phone. POE Data Switches are available:  Non-POE Data Switches available here: 
  • Your cable colors may be different. The colors used here are for illustration purposes only. The cables in use are standard Ethernet cables.

About Your Temporary/New Telephone Number: 

Port – Keeping your phone number(s):  If you have requested a PORT of a current telephone number to the XBLUE Cloud service, it will be submitted when all information has been provided. If you have not already done so please follow the link and complete the form now so that your Port Request can be filed with your existing carrier. When you complete the form you will be required to upload a copy of the most recent current provider phone bill.

DO NOT DISCONNECT your existing service until the Port is COMPLETE.

We will advise you when this happens. Link to Port Request Form:

In the interim you use the assigned a telephone number above as a temporary number until your port is complete. You can use this number and your current carrier’s call forward feature to get all your current carrier calls on the new XBLUE Cloud service prior to the port completion.