XBLUE X7 Call Recorder Support

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X7 Software for Windows 7

X7 Software for Windows 8 and Windows 10

NOTE:  This is a “zip” file and requires that you first UNARCHIVE before running.


If you are experiencing trouble with your X7 recorder after upgrading to Windows 8 or 10, it is most often due to missing/displaced drivers. Following these steps will likely resolve this issue:

  1. Download the X7 Software Files cyusb.cat, CyUsb.sys, and Sparkyld.inf
  2. Extract all 3 contained files into your computer in the following folder: “C:/Windows/system32/Sparkyld”
  3. Connect your X7 to your computer and open the program. If it works, then your computer updated them
    successfully. If not, then continue to next step
  4. Open your Device Manager from your Start menu
  5. Look for a device that is listed as “Unknown” in the list
  6. Right click on the device, select the Driver tab and click on Update Driver
  7. Select on “Browse my computer for driver software” and select your “C:/Windows/system32/Sparkyld” folder
    in the location bar that appears and click browse
  8. Once the drives have been added, close the device manager.
  9. Close the X7 Recording program, then restart it.

If these steps aren’t working for you please contact us for assistance.

Call 866-925-8312 or Click to Send Us A Message