X25 & X50 Announcement Recording Steps

For Day, Night, Break Period, Holiday & Temporary Greetings

The X25 and X50 automated attendant announcements are recorded by logging into any telephone’s voice mailbox and going to the system administration’s area.

Follow These Steps:

1. Press the voice mail “envelope” button on any X2020 or X3030 phone, and then enter the extension’s voice mail password (0000 is default).

2. Then press * ( the star key next to zero on the dial pad ), and then dial the administrator password (000000 is default).

3. Press the digit one to change the English greeting, then press zero to modify the first automated attendant greeting (AA 0 is the first automated attendant in the system. AA1 is the second – AA2 is the third – etc.).

4. Lift the handset and follow the system prompts to record and/or listen to the day (regular office hours), night (after hours), break period, holiday and temporary greetings.

TIP: You can always press # to back up to the previous item.

Note: The system’s greeting mode can be changed by pressing zero at step three. The greeting mode is used to select a day, holiday or temporary greeting played to callers. An example would be changing to a temporary “snow day” message.

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Advanced Users Only

Recording Prompts off-line (via professional or PC enthusiast)

Contact Technical Support for more information!

TieLineWarningSignThis technique should NOT be attempted by a novice!

It is possible to record the Auto Attendant voice prompts using a computer, save them and then load these recorded prompts to the XBLUE IP system for use in the menus. Doing so requires that the files be stored in VOX format as:

  • Dialogic (VOX)
  • U-Law
  • 8000Hz (8KHz)
  • 64kbps
  • Mono
  • File size no greater than 300k

TieLineWarningSignNOTE: this procedure can render your Auto Attendant non-functional if not done properly. Use the list of prompt files names found via this document if you wish to attempt recording prompts off-line.