General Voicemail Boxes for Groups

The X25 and X50 servers accommodate General Voicemail Boxes very well using Virtual Voicemail Boxes. A general voicemail box is often desirable when calls into the system are not directed to a specific individual and notification to a group of telephones that a voicemail exists and can then be retrieved from any of these phones. This application involves the Virtual Mailboxes, Routing of calls to that Virtual Mailbox, Feature Key programming for visual notification that a message exists and retrieval of the messages.


  1. Log in to the X25 or X50 configuration
  2. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to go to Voice > Voicemail > Virtual Extension
    1. Once on the Virtual Extension page there is a table of Virtual Extensions that currently exists – at default there are none assigned.
  3. Virtual Mailboxes are assigned numbering that begins at 830 in both the X25 and X50, unless you have changed this numbering just assign the first one (830) as in the screenshot below
  4. Scroll down and click on Save Settings
  5. Now setup the routing to the Virtual Mailbox… go to Voice > System > Numbering Plan
  6. Find “Start UCD Group Number” on the list (“430” is in the box) and click on the Configuration button at the right side

    UCD Group 1 (430) is the default destination for telephone line ringing on the X25 and X50 servers. The top portion of this screen is used to determine how calls in the UCD Groups are routed. In the example phones that are part of each group are listed in the bottom portion of the screen for each of the four groups. This system has phone extensions 10-25 (yours is likely 101-125). In the top portion we set:

    1. the Reroute Time to 30 seconds (this is how long calls ring at phones before they go to the Virtual Voicemail Box),
    2. the Reroute Destination Type to Virtual Mailbox,
    3. and the Destination to the Virtual Mailbox we made.
  7. Now we’ll set the button on the phones that will indicate voicemail messages waiting and can be used to retrieve the messages… go to Voice > Phone > Programmable keys
  8. Choose a key (button) on the phone that you’ll use for seeing if there are messages waiting and retrieving those messages. We selected Programmable Key 16 on the X4040 model phone.

    Note that X3030 has 8 programmable buttons and X4040 has 16 programmable buttons. Choose a button that appears on the phone models that you have.

    1. Extension Line Keys are related to the X2020
    2. Extension Programmable Keys (except for X4040) are for the X3030
    3. Extension Programmable Keys for X4040 are for the X4040
    4. 24 button Sidecar (EDM) Keys are for phones equipped with the optional console of 24 additional programmable keys.

Once these are programmed the button on the phones will flash to indicate that there are voicemail messages waiting.

To retrieve messages just press the button and input the password for this mailbox – at default the password is 0000