How to Connect Fax Machines to the X16 System

Connecting FAX Machines is done by connecting the external device “ahead” of the system on a specific telephone line. In this example, the fax line would be running independent of the XBLUE X16 system. The specific telephone (fax) line should have a dedicated fax number. Incoming fax calls ring into the fax machine.

If you wish to have the fax line used for incoming phone calls to system users, the fax line would need to use a fax line sharing module. This module will enable incoming fax calls to be detected and routed to the fax machine or as an incoming phone call to be sent to your X16. The incoming phone line would connect to the module, then the port labeled FAX would connect to your fax machine and the PHONE port would connect to your XBLUE X16 server. If the fax line sharing module detects a fax tone in the call, it will send the call to the fax machine and if it doesn’t, the call will be sent to the X16.

An alternative to this, would be to split the line using a basic line splitter with one output going to the fax machine and the other to the X16. If you want the line to be only used for incoming/outgoing faxes and outgoing phone calls, you will have to disable line ringing on that line with the X16 by going into each phone individually and disabling it. The drawback is that you must disable the line from ringing on the phone, or the phones will ring on both incoming phone calls as well as incoming fax calls.