X16 Headset Port Size

Depending on the production run of your XBLUE X16 phone the headset connector (located on the left hand side of the phone) will be either an 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm (similar to the type found on cell phones). The best way to tell which headset connector your phone is equipped with is by looking at the product label on the back of your phone.


If your phone has a label like this, then you have the 2.5 mm headset port on your phone.


If your phone has a product label with the 3.5 HJ distinction (circled in the picture) you have the 3.5 mm headset jack.

Operation:  The jack is activated by pressing the Feature Button and then dialing the digit 9.  This feature code can be programmed on a single button so the headset can be enabled and disabled as needed. In addition, a headset must be plugged into the jack to enable or disable headset mode.

Sound quality is dependent on the headset you purchase. Headsets with “handset lifters” are not compatible with X16 telephones.

Note About Lifters:  also known as handset lifters—are not compatible with the X16 digital telephones. Lifters are sometimes sold by headset providers for use with wireless headsets. They are not compatible with the X16 phones, due to the tab built into the phone’s headset cradle for wall mount applications.

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